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The Fight For Life Is Not Over

Today, Friday, June 24, 2022, the Supreme Court finally overturned Roe v Wade today reversing the 1973 ruling. This is the greatest human rights issue in our country! Abortion is not a fundamental Constitutional right. It is a right that Democrats invented.

This action does not ban abortions as the liberal media and many Democrats are shouting, including Joe Biden. The Supreme Court merely said there is no language in the Constitution that addresses abortion and should be remanded to the states where the voters can decide on this personal issue.

Of course, nothing will change in Massachusetts, where a women can abort her child up to the moment of birth, on demand and for any reason. We will become one of a handful of magnet states. Most countries around the world either ban abortions, or have strict regulations. We are one of a few countries, including China and North Korea, that allow this deadly practice.

Justice Kavanaugh specifically wrote that private issues, such as contraception and same sex marriage, are not part of this opinion, but that isn’t stopping Democrat leaders from promoting fear that it will.

A radical abortion group called Jane’s Revenge declared “open season” on pro-life centers if Roe was overturned. Posters around DC declare a “Night of Rage" starting at 8pm tonight. Why is the DOJ not condemning this? Will they have the National Guard ready? Probably not. Dems are on the same side as the vandals.

Biden called for “Congress to act” and Pelosi echoed that Congress must federalize abortion. She threatened to eliminate the filibuster, add two more Senators, and pack the Supreme Court. Dems always resort to threats and intimidation when they don’t get their way instead of using speech.

The US Constitution will not be worth the paper it’s printed on if we don’t govern by it. Republicans MUST take back the US House and Senate this fall. As important, we MUST get Republicans back in the Massachusetts State Legislature. Let's get to work!

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