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My name is Bob May and I plan on being your next United States Congressman representing YOU and your values in Washington D.C.


I have been blessed with four great kids and a wonderful, supportive wife of thirty years – she’s the glue to our family.

I'm a Mechanical Engineer (BS, University of Lowell) with an MBA in Finance (Northeastern). Tricia (a computer science degree from Merrimack) is a middle school math teacher.


After earning my MBA, I worked for three years as a business consultant/trainer before starting my own electronic components company in 2002 (Techsource Thermal Solutions, Inc.) now based in Newburyport.


I know firsthand what this horrible democratically driven economy is doing to small business owners. I know how to spend only when it’s necessary – something Democrats, like Seth Moulton, just can’t or won’t understand! I will bring that common-sense business approach to D.C. and when Republicans take back the House, we will be responsible caretakers of your federal tax dollars!!


In 2020, I ran for State Representative for the 13th Essex District and came in 2nd out of 5 candidates. Although I lost by 2,000 votes, I learned a great deal. In knocking on thousands of doors, I found that most people in Massachusetts share the same family values that I do. We share the same concerns for our children, and our country’s future.


As a result of that experience, I decided to run again. The Democrats, knowing that I would win the 13th District this time, took advantage of redistricting in 2021 and moved my address to the 12th District, in essence forcing me to start over for name recognition in a new District. (see the News tab for background on this).


Not one to shy away from a challenge…. I decided to take the plunge into national politics.

In January 2021, America became a playground for One-Party Democrat rule! This November, we need to take back the House and the Senate to save our country from becoming a socialist country.


On Education: My opponent supports requiring states, including Massachusetts, to adopt federal education standards. This means funding Critical Race Theory, vaccine and mask mandates, random opening and closing schools, and addressing gender dysphoria at an earlier and earlier age. None of this has anything to do with providing our students with a proper education!

On day one of the current administration, we lost our energy independence – Joe Biden shut down the Keystone Pipeline while removing sanctions from Russia so they could complete their own. Memo to all the Green New Deal politicians including my opponent: the U.S. oil companies drill cleaner than any other country and natural gas burns cleaner than any other fossil fuel. CO2 levels went down under the Trump administration. Republican solutions include renewing permits to drill on federal lands, and continue construction on the Keystone and Trans-Alaska Pipeline Systems to reduce gas and oil prices.


The forty-year high inflation levels we are experiencing today are self-inflicted by the Democrats who put trillions of dollars in the pockets of Americans. How many decades of this foolish policy does it take for Dems to see that “inflation is caused by too many dollars chasing too few goods”?! Democrats don’t seem to be struggling with the price of consumer goods and the shortage of fuel and food supplies. Instead, they’re accusing farmers and oil suppliers of price fixing instead of looking at their own foolish policies.


This Totalitarian One-Party rule has given us unconstitutional Covid mandates. On Dec. 8, 2021 the Senate actually passed the  S.J. Resolution 29 Bill to overturn Biden’s Covid mandates. Nancy Pelosi won’t even bring this Bill to the floor for a vote. The Bill would most likely fail anyway, since all Democrat Congressmen and women fall under her spell and intimidation when it comes to voting.


We need to elect strong, solutions-oriented Republicans both locally and nationally this November to better serve the hard-working American people with integrity, honesty and an appreciation for what it takes for families to put food on the table.



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